“The Silent Mogul” is the go to place for solo-preneurs & dreamers who need to get ‘there’ smarter, simpler, & quicker!!!!  Where is ‘there’ you ask?  

Mogul Status baby!!!  

Oh yeah!!  We are a silent army of moguls-in the making & dreamers who are ready to push through their fears and unleash the greatness that is JUST waiting to get out!!!!!


Welcome to the growing hub of Hustle-Maniacs, Ultra-Preneurs, Authors, and all around Go-Getters that are ready to emerge, or in some cases re-emerge and stake their claim!!!!  Here at TSM, we are a community of dreamers who silently toil away at our ultimate goal of financial independence.  Not only that, We are a group of but-kicking Hustlers that believe in hard work and getting the most that life has to offer.  AAAAAnd, we want the satisfaction of being able to finally say “I did it”!  

YES family! I get it!!!  And why do we do it “SILENTLY”? 

How credible is it to yell to the masses, “I’m Building An Empire!” or “I’m On My Way To Being Rich!” or “I’ve Got Big Plans!”…….Yeah sounds a little cuckoo if it doesn’t actually take root.  So therefore we toil in silence.  But in the meantime, where is our go-to place for information designed for folks just like us?


You’ve found it!  Welcome Home!!!  

Our goals here are simple:

  1. Taking your business to the next level is not as hard as you think, because YOU ARE the next level!!!!
  2. Life is yours for the asking!  That HUGE idea that you are sitting on…(yeah we know what that’s like)….we are here to help you grow it to fruition.  We’re signing on to be your battle buddy!
  3. You deserve to be happy EVERDAY!!!  Not living a miserable, barely getting through the day existence.


We’re “JUST” Here To Help You Bring It to Life!!!!

So get busy using all of these tools collected & created with “us” in mind! Ready to build that dynasty? 

Hey Mogul! Let’s Make It Happen!!!!


Soooooo, Who is this Chick?



Yes, friends,….those that have been on this journey with me for years know my story.  But for those of you just joining the party I will give you a little overview:


Contrary to what one might see today, my life hasnt been a “crystal stair”. I have certainly seen my share of heartache and struggle. However, coming up on the rough side of the mountain didn’t break me. It built me. Instead of using hardship as a crutch to explain failure, I used that hardship as a rung on my mental ladder, each step taking me higher and higher. After all of my struggles and failures I decided to change the rules of the game. In doing so, I stopped being the hunted and became the hunter. As an entrepreneur, if we don’t get out there and hunt, we don’t eat. We cannot afford to entertain glass ceilings. If we stop climbing we stop existing.

I’m a New Jersey native, now a Georgia Peach and loving it!!!  After getting this working for myself thing down pat (yes, I’ve started over a few times)…..I am the CBKO (Chief Butt Kicking Officer)       of my little slice of #YES!!!!


I’m “Just Felicia”, because I’m JUST like you!!

The only difference is that I finalized my mind after my failings.  And that’s all you need!  Once you have your mind made up that you are ready to make some serious moves, I’m here to help!!! I’m here to share my lessons with you and my secrets.

I’ve been where you are, hating my job, daydreaming of the moment I could leave for good and launch my “Empire”….

“I’ve been in the building stages, the trial and error stages.  I’ve read the books & taken the classes.  I’ve gone to the conferences and done the internships.  I’ve learned from and traveled with the greats. But before I did all that, I was JUST a girl with a dream.

Now I’m a six time Published Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Radio Personality.  I have facilitated, been featured, and/or hosted over 220 corporate & social events. Trained by the top motivational speaker in the world, Les Brown, I’ve given countless speeches across the country for corporations, schools, churches and non-profit organizations.  With over 20 years of experience,  my clients include local political leaders, ministers, corporations, & numerous non-profit agencies. I also own the upscale event venue, The Gallery at Fountain Park and still continue to write, speak and mentor local young professionals. With honor, I serve on the Executive Board of Directors for the Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau which oversees tourism dollars in the Muscogee County area. The latter appointment was selected by the current Mayor of Columbus, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

Past and present memberships include:

 100 Women on The Move, Top Forty Under Forty, and a serves as a chairperson for Girl Power and Emerging Women, and a founding member of Ladies Taking the Lead. She is also a sponsor and advocate for the organization When I Grow Up which mentors kids ages 8 to 16. I’ve had the pleasure of  being featured on NBC, FOX, & ABC affiliates throughout the southeast along with an extensive list of radio programs. Her books include CHOSEN, Real Women Wear Stilettos, & Fierce. You can also read her weekly column in the Columbus Times Newspaper.

So now here we are….Are You Ready to Claim Your Spot?